The Truth About… (Eight Videos)


Did you know the Bible teaches that it is possible for us to lose our salvation?  Contrary to what some teach, if we fail to live in a way that pleases God we will ultimately lose our reward of heaven.  Therefore, in this series of lessons we are going to explore what God requires of us to grow and mature spiritually, including spending time in His Word, and assembling with other believers to worship and praise God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  We cannot please God if we do not worship Him.  However, regardless of what many may think, God not only wants to be worshiped in ways that praise and glorify Him but worshiped in very specific ways that please Him.  Therefore, in this series of videos we will explore what the Scriptures teach about the importance of Bible study, assembling with other believers, and worshiping God in the way He wants to be worshiped.


The Truth About Staying Saved

This lesson covers what we must do after obeying the Gospel. What do Christians do to stay in a proper relationship with God? Are there characteristics that should become part of our daily lives?

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The Truth About Bible Study

This lesson explores the importance of studying God’s Word. How can Christians provide reasoned answers and guidance to friends without proper study and contemplation?

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The Truth About Attendance

“The Truth About Attendance” covers the purpose and responsibility of attending the worship assembly of the church.  How can Christians benefit from and participate in the worship and assembling of the family of God?

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The Truth About Prayer

This lesson discusses the great importance of regular prayer in the live of a Christian. How can Christians benefit from prayer in building a better and deeper relationship with God?

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The Truth About Singing

“The Truth About Singing” explores the importance of singing in the worship of the church. Why does God want to be worshiped with our voices, and how do we benefit from participating in singing with the whole assembly?

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The Truth About The Lord’s Supper (Communion)

“The Truth About The Lord’s Supper” covers the purpose and the role that the Lord’s Supper plays in the worship of Christians. Why are Christians suppose to partake of the Lord’s supper when we meet every Sunday?

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The Truth About Giving

This lesson discusses the purpose and the responsibility every Christian has to give our offering to God. How can the church, as a whole, benefit from the offerings freely given by Christians?

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The Truth About Preaching and Teaching

This lesson covers the role that preaching and teaching plays in the lives of Christians. How can we benefit from hearing and participating in preaching and teaching?

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