Christianity or Islam?

What do we know about Islam?

What do Christians really know about Islam?  Is it a religion as many claim, or is it more of an ideology?  Are there common links between Christianity and Islam, or are the two completely imcompatable?  Do they both worship the same God, or does one worship the true God while the other teaches error about the true nature and character of God?  Are the Bible and the Quran both inspired by God.  Does the Quran teach the truth about Jesus Christ?  These are some of the important questions we want to explore in this study of Christianity verses Islam.

The fastest growing religion

Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world, with more than 22-percent of the world’s population claiming to be followers of Muhammad, it’s founder.  Much of that growth has been taking place in third-world countries where the philosophies and teachings of Islam have appealed to the poor and those who feel disinfranchized.  However, over the past one to two decades Islam has spread throughout Western Europe and North America, with large Muslim populations in some of the world’s major metropolitan cities.  Mosques and madrasas (schools of Islam) are now found in almost every major city in the U.S.  Many colleges and universities are now offering courses in Islamic history.

Therefore, it is imperative that we understand this rapidly growing religious/ideological belief system by examining its history and its teachings.  To do this, we are including a series of articles by various authors on some of the fundamental teachings of Islam and comparing those teachings with the Bible.  These articles are:

Approach this with open minds

We ask that everyone reading this material consider it with an open mind and search the Scriptures as well as the Quran to make sure the teachings of the Bible and the Quran are not being misrepresented.  The purpose of this study is to openly and honestly examine the teachings of both Christianity and Islam in a search for the truth.  This is not an attack on Islam or its followers, nor is this study meant to show disrespect toward those who hold to Islamic beliefs or to its founder Muhammad.  We are simply concerned with exploring the fundamental teachings of Christianity and Islam, compare and contrast those teachings, and leave you the reader to decide for yourself which is compatable with what you know about Jesus Christ and the God of heaven.