What is the truth about the Church?

Did you know the word church is used well over one hundred times in the New Testament.  Jesus even said He will build His church. 

If Jesus built His church as He promised, does this mean He has a church to which we must belong?  Does this also mean that we must be in His church in order to be saved? 

There is a lot of confusion in the religious world today – every church claims to believe and practice the truth, and yet no church seems to agree completely with the doctrinal beliefs and practices of others. 

Could the problem be that these are all churches started and built by men, and not the church Jesus said He would build?  Could it be that these are all churches that base their beliefs and practices more on the the teachings of men than simply on the Bible alone?

This video will address some of these pressing issues, and help clear up questions you may have about which church is really the one Jesus built.  That's the only church that matters, and the only church wherein we will truly find salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because the Bible says the Lord "added" the saved to His church.



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